BiC's Baptism Picture Book for elementary children

“I Love This Book!”

Love this book and so did the kids I read it to. It sparked intellegent curiosity among the youngsters and we were able to talk about baptism in a fun, easy to understand way. In fact, we discussed baptism for nearly an hour after reading the book!

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_Karla Akins Homeschool Mom and Blogger
Explains Clearly

. . explains clearly the purpose of baptism and distinguishes it as a symbol of saving faith.

Michael S. Lawson, Ph.D.
Chairman and Senior Professor
Department of Christian Education
Dallas Theological Seminary

I Definitely Recommend It!

Miss Robin not only thoroughly explains the reason for Baptism and the questions that may fill a child’s head, but she does this from a very “child-like” perspective and in a way that every child will understand.
I definitely recommend this book for children between that ages of 3-8!
Thank you, Miss Robin for creating BiC!
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Answers For New Christians

Answers For New Christians

Answers For New Christians

Answers For New Christians Communicates

Robin Khoury has put together an invaluable tool for churches. AnswersFor New Christians Communicates on children’s level. It covers the basics and precludes wrong doctrine.
-Dr. Michael McGee MD
Former Trustee
International Mission Board
Chairman, Hough Ear Institute

Extremely Helpful

. . .Just wanted you to know how much we appreciate your workbook, Answers For New Christians. We find it extremely helpful in working with our children who have made a profession of faith. It isattractive and eye-catching, and addresses the needs of younger and older children. I would highly recommend your workbook to anyone who is interested in the spiritual growth of children.
-Connie Graves
Former Director of Children’s Ministries
Heritage Baptist Church OKC, OK

Well Written Appealing Tool

Not only is it excellent for use with new Christians, it helps provide answers for children who are beginning to ask questions about salvation. We use it and would recommend it!
-Carrie Green
Children’s Minister
First Baptist Church, Lawton, OK

Highly Effective

I have used these materials as at teacher of a New Christian Class, and also with my own grandchildren. I have been very pleased with the results. I recommend them to anyone helping children with spiritual questions.
-Kelly Chavez
Former Director New Christian Class
Northwest Baptist Church OKC, OK

Answers Gets It Right

Answers goes “Back to Genesis” to see what the Bible says about the nature of God, the nature of man, the awful character of sin and its penalty. . .These are truths that even a child can understand. Answers For New Christians gets it right.
-John D. Morris
President Institute for Creation Research


I have found a new resource for parents, grandparents, pastors, children’s workers, aunts and uncles that you are just going to love. It’s called Answers for New Christians written by Robin Khoury and illustrated by Stuart Corley and I am excited to be introducing it to you!

You’re going to Love it!

This is a book families of young children will enjoy making a part of their homeschool and or devotional lives. I plan on using it as a unit study on Salvation and the ordinances of our Christian faith. I also plan to use it in my children’s program at church because we have an entire generation of youngsters who know nothing about what it means to be “born again” or “baptized.” This generation of youngsters doesn’t even know Who Jesus is!
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Review of Answers For New Christians

By Mrs. Robert Gould


Answers For New Christians written by Mrs. Robin Khoury is “What Kids Need to Know About Sin, Salvation, Baptism, and More”. It is a textbook, coloring book, and workbook all in one. Mrs. Khoury covers everything a new Christian needs to understand. All from a mainstream evangelical perspective that includes drawings of Jesus and events from the Bible. Baptism is taught that it follows salvation. Mrs. Khoury developed this curriculum to fill a need in an area she found lacking while a Sunday school teacher.


Seeing how we have six children, when approached to write this review I factored in the need to make the children a part of the review process. Their ages are almost ten years down to nine and a half months. My intention was to cover the material slowly over the course of about a week. Well, that quickly changed on the first day when I got so far and the children are begging, “Read more, Mommy! Read more!” We completed it in two days! They continued to pick up the book even upon its completion desiring to have it read again.


Mrs. Khoury has written Answers For New Christians in a very easy to understand language, including some definitions for more difficult terms. So even the very young are able to follow along. We have a three year old and a four year old and their attention was held during our reading sessions. The coloring pages are very helpful in the fact that they aid in allowing the children to see, do and hear all at once. The fill-in-the blanks were enjoyed by the older ones, as were the questions at the end. This little book would be perfect for Sunday schools, home schools or family devotions. While some of the topics were new to our younger children, it was a review to our older children. So whether you have been a Christian teacher or parent for a long time or short time, this book would suit either need.


At the end of the book, there are special pages to record special events in the walk of a baby Christians. Such things as: salvation memories, prayers for Christian growth, pastor, Sunday school teacher, church, baptism record and first communion. Just like a keepsake book. The coloring pages are real to life and the workbook pages have a fun maze, puzzle and questions for older children. One thing to mention is that you do have to have multiple books for a class with more than one child, so they can all have fun coloring and doing the extra activities. The good thing is that Mrs. Khoury is thinking about making the book reproducible for classrooms and it is available at a discount when ordering 10 or more books.


As with any resource used with children, there is freedom in answering questions that the children come up with outside of the material covered, and a freedom to go at a speed that is best for both the teacher and student(s). This is a wonderful little resource to use in introducing new concepts about Christianity or just as a review. Answers For New Christians is available to purchase at

Mrs. Gould is a wife and the home schooling mother to the aforesaid six children. She and her family reside in Northern Illinois. She enjoys walking with her family, reading and writing, as well as helping her husband with their family business, Faith and Family Books , in addition to all her duties as a wife and mother.

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